Our Vision

Our vision is at the heart of everything we want to achieve at Lisnagelvin Nursery school.

Our Nursery is:

  • A school which is totally child centred and where children come first at all times
  • A school of excellent early years practice where dedicated, talented staff work together to ensure high quality teaching and learning experiences for all our children
  • A school with a family atmosphere where an emphasis is placed on positive relationships to nurture children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development.
  • A school which builds the foundations for lifelong learners who will have the skills and capabilities to achieve and be comfortable in an ever-changing world

"Our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent and, most of all connected to adults and other children" Loris Malaguzzi


Our Aims

Nursery education is value driven and child centred.  We strive to create a Nursery which feels like an extension of a supportive family home.

At Lisnagelvin Nursery we aim to:

  • Provide a welcoming, caring, stimulating and secure environment where everyone feels valued, included and respected
  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum as defined by the NI Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education
  • Engage our children in the highest quality teaching and learning through well planned, challenging and progressive play indoors and outdoors
  • Promote and develop positive attitudes and dispositions for learning
  • Provide opportunities where children can observe,explore, question and wonder
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by providing healthy food, plenty of physical activity and a sound foundation for well-being
  • Encourage each child to be independent and to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves, others and their environment.
  • Work together with parents as partners to improve learning and care
  • Develop an effective partnership between the school and its community by welcoming parents and people from the local community into the nursery and by planning educational visits in our local area
  • Continually improve and extend our practice to ensure our children receive an early year’s education relevant to their needs


"The focus should be on enabling children to learn at their own pace, to have breadth of learning experiences and gain a positive image of themselves as resilient learners able to cope with uncertainty and to learn through trial and error."

                                                                NI Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education